2018 SEMI FINAL WEEK... WTH Just Happened in the CDL?!?!

Week 15 Results (Semi Final Week) – Early AM 12/18/18 [Updated Evening PM 12/18/18] - Well… Ummm… WOW!!! Here is a full rundown with score verifications completed, starting with 3 SHOCKING, simply unfathomable results in the CDL…

First, we have the closest semi-final game we can find within the last 12 seasons with the (8-5) and #3 seeded Brahma Bulls beating the #2 seeded and (11-2) Kashyyyk Kommandos by a score of 121.86 – 121.26 a difference of just 0.60 pts! During the score verification process a mistake was found in favor of the Kommandos with a missing Tackle for Loss (TFL) for DL Calais Campbell giving the Kommandos receive an new 0.5 pts changing the score but not the outcome. What was initially a 1.10 difference now is a final spread of just 0.6 points… and The Kommandos had their kicker get -0.5 due to a missed 48 yard FG. Make the FG, make the Super Bowl… Wow! Second we have the #1 seeded and also (11-2) Tanzmanian Devils losing to the Wild Card winning (8-6) California Eclipse by a score of 148.07 – 140.50. In successive weeks the Eclipse have taken out the 1st and 3rd highest scoring teams in the CDL that had combined losses of 2 games LESS (just 4) than they had themselves (6) to end the regular season!!! And not to be out done, the closest CDL game of the week WAS (now it is the Bulls/Kommandos game with the score reduced to just 0.6 pts) we have the (4-9) Blue Coats, the CDL’s 3rd LOWEST scoring team of the year, a 43.72 point LONG SHOT (possibly the largest disparity in BSL playoff history for 2 playoff teams) currently beating the (11-3) and last year’s Champion Uncanny X-Men by a score of just 98.64 – 97.76, a 0.88 point difference. This WAS the 1st time the X-Men have not broken the 100pt mark since 2009!!! JUST… WOOOOOWWWWWWWW!!!!

In the rest of the CDL, The Goldrush Hounds out last the Killer Tomatoes to move to the 5/6 Pick game vs the aforementioned Blue Coats. The suddenly reeling X-Men (with injuries to the CDL RB of the Year Todd Gurley, the # 5 WR Odell Beckham and the #7 WR in Keenan Allen) will face the Tomatoes for the 7th and 8th picks. Both Best of 3 series are done in the CDL with the Buzzardpukes beating out the Predators (2-0) for the 3rd pick so the Preds get 4th in the 1st round. For the top spot this season, the Guilder Dread Pirates sweep the NY Jints (2-0) for the top pick in the draft. The Jints will get #2 in the 1st round.

A couple fun or interesting notes to point out of how things shake out sometimes. 1st, had the Devils NOT beat the Kommandos week 10 they would have been the #2 seed instead of #1 and played the Bulls this week and made it to the Super Bowl for the 5th time in 6 seasons! Wow! And second, a trade deadline deal between the Bulls and X-Men involved sending WR Odell Beckham to the X-Men and LB Deion Jones to the Bulls. Without this trade (OBJ zeros for not playing the last 2 weeks and Deion Jones’s INT return for a TD this week) the X-Men win this week (and probably last week) and the Bulls don’t make their 3rd Super Bowl appearance! Just… can’t say much anything else about the CDL this week but… WOW!!!

Onto the FSDL (I will be briefer BC the CDL stories are just amazing and I wanted to get those out there!). In the FSDL we also had a close game to verify and it is the closest of the 5 this week as the Scarlet Widows beat the HitMen (119.79 – 119.53) a difference of just 0.26. With the close win, the Widows take the sweep for the #1 overall pick over the HitMen. In the other Best of 3 games, the Midway Monsters dump the Vanquishers (2-0) to get the #3 pick in the 1st round and the Vanquishers get #4. At the top of the ticket, the Super Bowl sees the only league to have its #1 and #2 seeds advance to the title game as the #2 Jedi Knights (11-3) will face the #1 Hebrew Hammers (12-2) for the 2018 Championship trophy (wait… is there a trophy?! Why didn’t we know that!?) The Consolation game will see the #4 Crazy Bisons take on the #3 China Open Faces. Both the Bisons and Faces came up way short this week and will fight for 3rd place overall. In the 5-8 bracket, the Sinister 36ers were the top scoring team this week (not that it is worth anything anymore) with an almost 40 point win over TBD. The 36ers will move on to the 5/6 matchup against the Toad Lickers. The Lickers defeated Lucky Dog also by almost 40 pts this week. So Lucky and TBD will play for the 7th and 8th picks.

Lastly in the TLSL we also had 1 close game to check. While one side of the 5/6 pick game is set with the St. Pete Minutemen taking down the Magical Fish to move ahead, the other ended divided by just 3.20 pts with last year’s Champs, the FL Nittany Lions, going down to the Omaha Players (132.31 – 129.11). The Players will face the Minutemen for the 5th and 6th picks while the Lions drop to face the Fish for 7th and 8th. On the top line of the main attraction however we have, while not the #1 and #2 seeds like in the FSDL, the TLSL top 2 teams will face off for the title with the #1 and still undefeated (albeit a close win over the Avengers) Electric Mayhem now at (14-0) taking on the now (13-2) Jedi Knights who were the #4 seed and had to play in the Wild Card game since they were in the same division as the Mayhem. Both the Mayhem and Empire were a little under their normal scoring averages this week making their games feel closer than they probably should have this week but both survive to play for the 2018 title as expected. The Avengers will face the Clowns in the consolation game. And in the TLSL BOTH best of 3 series are tied up (1-1). The Five Moves of Doom evened their series up and will play one more game vs the Cossacks for the 3rd and 4th picks, while the Sea Dragons were able to stay alive for the top pick and will play one last game vs the Basket of Deplorables next week for the #1 overall pick.

Next up… 2018 Championship Week!! – CDL: (5) California Eclipse vs (3) Brahma Bulls, FSDL: (2) Jedi Knights vs (1) Hebrew Hammers, and TLSL: (4) Evil Empire vs (1) Electric Mayhem

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