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2021 Season Opens: New Places, New Faces, New Questions… Same Old Brady!

9/21/21 - Ben Ulrich, Senior Fantasy Sports Correspondent - OK yes, we know the season REALLY started a 2 weeks ago but who really cares what Tom Brady does?! Been there, seen that. Let’s talk about something new… like the 2021 BSL Season (the 23rd Season of the original Crazy Diamond League!) and all the new players and player movement from the previous season. The quarterback carousel was in FULL EFFECT this past season with many QBs moving to new teams, some better situations some just in interesting situations. As we all know the QB is always the highest scoring player on any fantasy football team so new locations for your QB could change your fortunes quickly or could sink them… um… quickly. QBs Matt Stafford, Jared Goff, Carson Wentz and Teddy Bridgewater highlight the crop of vets that will change the face of their new teams (was going to originally mention Ryan Fitzpatrick here but he is already hurt sooooo…) and a glut of rookie QBs in Justin Fields, Mac Jones, Zach Wilson and the (Full Story)

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With 3 Weeks Remaining the in the 2020 Regular Season… (Yes, We Made it!!!)… Still A LOT To Be Determined

11/18/20 – Karen Page, BSL Lead Pool Reporter - Well, it feels like 2 years ago since the 2020 season started since time has ceased to exist in this crazy year and while the odds were stacked HIGH against getting to this point that we (Full Story)

2020 Week 1 Recap: Everyone Hoping Their 2020 BSL Season Doesn’t Suck As Much as EVERYTHING Else in 2020 Has!

9/15/20 – Ben Ulrich, Senior Fantasy Sports Correspondent - Without even a hint of a COVID setback the 2020 NFL and BSL seasons are off an running! With any luck the end of 2020 will be much kinder to us all than the start of 2020. (Full Story)

2019 Year In Review: Pools of Sorrow, Waves of Joy… Across the BSL Universe! Oh, and a First Time Champion!

12/24/19 - Karen Page, BSL Lead Pool Reporter - All options were on the table this season in the BSL. Across the 3 leagues we saw a 1st time winner, a Champion come out of the Wild-Card game and seemingly unbeatable wire-to-wire (Full Story)

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